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    Let's connect!

    I maintain a home office where you can reach me by calling, e-mailing, or making an appointment to visit me in person.

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What's a CS practitioner?

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As a practitioner, I make myself available to the public to give Christian Science treatment for those seeking healing. This is a prayer-based system, rooted in Christianity and the Bible. I'm an accredited, full-time public practitioner, advertising in The Christian Science Journal.

I'm happy to speak with you!

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Please feel free to give me a call with any questions. I'm happy to share ideas or arrange for an in-person appointment. My goal is to help a person turn his or her thought to God and gain a better understanding of Him and one's relationship to our Father-Mother, divine Love. This brings healing!

A bigger picture

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Nothing substitutes for one-on-one interaction. But if you'd like a broader perspective, visit the Christian Science Church official website for helpful resources, videos, and examples of healing.

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Current events and trends from a spiritual perspective

  • Yes, “. . . human.”  We’ve all messed up at times, made errors in judgment, in our choices, or just through negligence. Some mistakes are worse than others, but regardless, we shouldn’t ruminate over them. Yes, mistakes are one way we learn to do better in life. But we also have a right to be […]

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  • The searing events of the last several days should prompt us to deeper love and more earnest prayer for mankind. We find ourselves asking, “Where is love?” News reports explain: “From Istanbul to Saudi Arabia, Baghdad to Bangladesh, the Islamic State has been linked to or is suspected in attacks that deliver a clear message […]

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  • A new year is fresh and clean with promise, the way the winter woods gleam in the early morning sun after a new snowfall — untrampled by footprints, silently beckoning. We cast our eye down the calendar ahead and think: What have I learned so far in my life that will help me this time […]

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